I LOVE my Jay! I ship a lot. This might be a bit of a shipping yard as it happens. Having said this, my blog is a piece of me and, as such, cannot be labelled as anything in particular. There's a lot of random junk, some personal stuff, a bit of nakedness garnished with some philosophical mumbo-jumbo. I post things that tickle my expect a certain degree of NSFW at times. I'm not apologizing :|

Eat my Wookie Dough and Die!

…this is what happens when I find a scrap piece of card lying around. Mix with a shot of boredom and there you have it. Finn! With one of my fave quotes. :|

- Mock sharpie (as in… knock off sharpie because I’m skint)

- Chalks

- Shitton of hairspray as a fixer

Adventure time (c)  Pendleton Ward

Drawn on this occasion by yours truly.